Lungful.. -Lexiee B.

With wide eyes she stares,

A slight pale complexion,

She backs away slowly..Into the comfort on the cold wall.

She lies on the bare wood floor..


Wondering when it will all end.

She drifts off into a fantasy,

filled with his precense,

his warm embrace around her fragile frame.

His scent fills her lungs,

leaving her breathless.

His figure turns into a blur..

Slowly disappearing in the distant horizon.

Her crystal blue eyes fill with pleasing yells, as she drops to the ground.

Gasping for air..

Only to realize that he will never return..



Her lifeless body awaits for the say she is able..

to once again..

fill her lungs with his scent.


Demons Around Me.. -Lexiee B.


It surrounds us all..

Watches our moves..

Controls our emotions..

Embraces our minds,


and lives.

Its arms grasp my soul

My eyes see nothing

only the black shadow..

Of the demons that..

Withhold me..

Control me..

I can hear them talking to me..

Their warm breathes on my ear

Their threats in my mind

The things I do..

Are not me..

Only the demons..

That whisper commands to me..

Tell me that wrong is right..

The demons .. are now..


-Lexiee B.

Anxiety.. -Lexiee B.


I can see them on me.

I can Feel them gnawing at my skin.

I reach for them

Attempting to get them off

I scratch and scratch

but it doesn’t phase them

Tears fill my eyes..

Emotions rush..

Blood trickles down my arm.

Take these they say

It’ll make them go away

Take more they say

They won’t come back

Deep breaths they say

It’ll make you calm

They multiply and multiply

as stress enters my life

I flush what they give me

I don’t want it

I feel numb

They’re back again..


-Lexiee B.

In the point of view of a Potato on ThanksGiving.. (school writing assignment)-Lexiee B.

Hey you guys! I hope you had a good thanksgiving and saved a turkey they are Friends not Food, This was a writing assignment for school we had to write in the point of view of a potato on thanksgiving it honestly was something hard for me to work with but whatever! here you are! im not a big fan of it but enjoy and tel me what you think(:

Silver covers every inch,
Light reflects off the perfectly shined plates.
 Their hands delicately grasp the napkins,
 placing them on their laps others tucked within the collar of the fancy clothing these humans possess.
 Their fingers grasp each other forming a perfect circle.
The smaller ones stretching their arms just to interlock fingers,
to recite this thing they call grace.
 Their eyes flutter closed
They lose their thoughts thanking for whatever they have planned.
I however am still wondering why?
 Why was i put on this silver plate after being smashed unconscious
heated and smothered in condiments..
It worries me.. I attempt to retreat to my once safe haven of a cabinet.
 Only to find out i can no longer move..
 Lovely i thought to myself.
My starchy heart skips a beat when eager hands reach for the things that surround me.
 A little hand reaches for the steaming pie only to receive a whack from a much larger hand.
A sharply made object slices through the once living, feathery turkey.
They lick their plump pink lips after savoring the taste.
A silver steep object with a handle reaches in me…
Pain strikes and my once beating starchy heart stops..
 And all the mouth-watering smells,
and eager eyes are gone
as they enjoy my overly handled potato self.

-Lexiee B.

Hello .. Well im Lexiee .. And i decided to do this because I LOVE to write, it’s the only way i feel i can express my self.. Its my escape from the world, from my past, and my problems. I only write about things that i have personally experienced or someone close to me have. I love it when people tell me their personal opinion on my writing so if you read it please do me a favor and tell me what you think of it..

                              A little about me..

My face..


Well im a teenage girl.. I live in Columbus, Ohio but come from Cleveland, Ohio. i love hot topic and thrift stores.<3 I am a complete animal and nature lover. I hate hunters, and litter bugs. Writing is my life.. I plan on moving to Minnesota than Southern California, I will take the career of a Marine Biologist I feel as if us humans worry to much about how “cute” or “adorable” animals that are on land and don’t think about the ocean and all of its inhabitants. The navy is constantly testing sonars killing tons and tons of inhabitants of the oceans, and it kills me to watch it happen and have so many people oblivious of it. I will try my hardest to help them and bring awareness and stop the navy. Also I’ll be writing on the side, and im always looking for ways to improve it. I have been through some really tough things in my life but I always keep a smile on my face. I don’t let it get to me. The artists MGK and MODSUN have had a huge impact on my life and showed me that no matter what happens in my life, who says what I will be great at what I love and im perfect how I am.. that everything what happens is caused by what you think about.. I can go on for hours about how they have changed my life but I will stop there. I view the world as a crayon box, Everyone is a crayon.. None are the same in many ways.

I hope you enjoy my writing and tell me what you think(: