Piercing blue eyes. -Lexiee B. (This was based on a dream I had that I can’t figure out, absolutely favorite piece of writing I have ever written)

Pitch black covers every crease, every corner.

A sudden blinding light occurs

Black hair lies covering his every feature.

Sharp long objects pierce the palms of his hands.

Pinning them above his head,

With every contact of the abnormally large hammer- more crimson passes down his arms into the green grass,

Hidden by the shadow of the piece of wood nailed horizontally near his feet,

Where now lies the piercing objects through his agonizing feet.

The green grass transforms into something horrid, and death fills the air.

As the flame fill the air releasing yells of pain

His crystal blue eyes make contact with my eyes.

Sweat trickles down his features as his eyes hold an empty hearted apology

“Forgive me, but forget me NOT

escape from his perfectly featured mouth, his voice filled with an unknown emotion

In the unknown abnormally deep noise escaped from his vocal chords.

He is lowered from mid air, into the flame filled hole into the ground.

The once green grass covers any proof that he existed.

The blinding light appears again at a shocking pupil widening price.

Blankets wrap around my now tense body,

brown locks of hair making moist contact with my forehead, as my eyes scan the room for a possible threat.

My palms reach my face as my knees to my chest silently repeating

“Forgive me, but forgive me NOT”

My brain shuffles trying to make sense of the unknown face, cross, nails, hammer, crimson liquid, and piercing blue eyes.

My mind blanks as the familiar comforting starts embrace me.. and take me into an infinite slumber.



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