Life Holding tree -Lexiee B.

She sits on the roots of the tree that holds her spi;

Her eyes hold no emotion,

fir she has misplaced her mind,

When she lost her heart.

Her long fingers reach for the place they have passed so many times.

A to familiar sensation fillers her eyes, and fall down her flushed cheeks onto the roots of this beautiful life holding tree.

The rough surface of every letter passes under her fingertips.

Her mind pulls back to the day they sat under this tree and declared their friendship for Eternity.

Her mind pulls forward two months, to the day she received the news that he would never return.

So she followed his request.

To spread him beneath this very tree.. so she could spend eternity with him.

Yet, that is not what she wanted.. or needs.

His warm embrace is what she craves.

His laugh is what she desires.

Reality hits her once again and she can no longer control what shes held.

What shes avoided to talk about.

She holds her knees tight,

as the night sky comes..

Allowing her to drift into a slumber filled with her best friend

and his warm touch. 


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