I discovered that life as a parrot was not all fun and games when… -Lexiee B.

I discovered that life as a parrot was not all fun and games when..

The clock struck 12,

and my shoulder length stringy blonde hair shrunk,

my 5 foot figure began to reach the maple wood floor,

My arms began to reach my now plumaged sides,

My once button like nose, and perfectly figured lips

stretched into a sturdy slight pink and gray beak,

The once green eyes that captured the attention of the one’s speaking to me

grew apart now resting on either side of my light orange feathers

in a perfect distance from the two holes that rest beneath the orange plumage

that allow me to hear you.

I withdrew my light gray wings and felt the air pass through the white-tipped feathers on my now tail.

I leaped into the air feeling the things that everyone wants freedom.

I watch as the others pass by me

With so much grace as I struggle to keep my balance.

I mimic their beauty wondering..

why are so many gorgeous birds flying past me

as if they are afraid, avoiding an enemy.

They must be playing a game I thought to myself.

I soar through the clouds with such ease.

Not a bird in sight..

How odd.

I put the wonder aside and continue the joy ride.

A sudden piercing pain hits my slightly yellow belly.

I suddenly follow the rules of gravity as I call down through the once joyful clouds.

I land on the moist grass.

My eyes suddenly become heavy.

The once play ground of a sky not in sight.

As I feel the pain of being pulled upwards by my tail feathers…

Without another feel..

I discovered life as a parrot is no longer fun and games.


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