… Details below (yes theres a poem toooooo!)

So in my creative writing class our teacher will give us a line and we can write a story and or poem about it so whatever i put in bold and underline will be the line that was given to me to create a poem/short story about also i will put it in the title. Enjoy(;

Among the snakes Jim was the most Famous Love poet.

With a scaly touch he slithers his writing across the paper.

As the time ticks on he continues to allow his thoughts to become the pen

and be placed on the slight crinkled paper.

With the unusual pupil narrower then humans

allowing the smart to know Jim would inject the most fatal substance into their skin

causing them a slow dreadful death

He reads his work…

He processes all the words…

With her in mind…

He slithered to no where in particular

allowing thoughts in his mind

They confuse him

for he is the most famous love poet

only known because he murdered…her

he forced his venom into her fragile skin..

Paralyzing her…

Allowing her to have an agonizing death

He attempted to consume her

Wrapping his body around her

cutting all circulation…

why? they never ask why he writes about loving this woman

when he, himself murdered her.

She kept him… Fed him..

That is why.

Yet, he is a rattle snake.

and with holds the wild

Instincts take over

Accidents happen right?


Jim murdered her.

for he craved the wild,

and wanted out.

But he writes, only about the love it was..

To allow him to hill her

Now Jim is wild and craves the indoors

with the now..

deceased. her.


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