In the point of view of a Potato on ThanksGiving.. (school writing assignment)-Lexiee B.

Hey you guys! I hope you had a good thanksgiving and saved a turkey they are Friends not Food, This was a writing assignment for school we had to write in the point of view of a potato on thanksgiving it honestly was something hard for me to work with but whatever! here you are! im not a big fan of it but enjoy and tel me what you think(:

Silver covers every inch,
Light reflects off the perfectly shined plates.
 Their hands delicately grasp the napkins,
 placing them on their laps others tucked within the collar of the fancy clothing these humans possess.
 Their fingers grasp each other forming a perfect circle.
The smaller ones stretching their arms just to interlock fingers,
to recite this thing they call grace.
 Their eyes flutter closed
They lose their thoughts thanking for whatever they have planned.
I however am still wondering why?
 Why was i put on this silver plate after being smashed unconscious
heated and smothered in condiments..
It worries me.. I attempt to retreat to my once safe haven of a cabinet.
 Only to find out i can no longer move..
 Lovely i thought to myself.
My starchy heart skips a beat when eager hands reach for the things that surround me.
 A little hand reaches for the steaming pie only to receive a whack from a much larger hand.
A sharply made object slices through the once living, feathery turkey.
They lick their plump pink lips after savoring the taste.
A silver steep object with a handle reaches in me…
Pain strikes and my once beating starchy heart stops..
 And all the mouth-watering smells,
and eager eyes are gone
as they enjoy my overly handled potato self.

-Lexiee B.


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