Hello .. Well im Lexiee .. And i decided to do this because I LOVE to write, it’s the only way i feel i can express my self.. Its my escape from the world, from my past, and my problems. I only write about things that i have personally experienced or someone close to me have. I love it when people tell me their personal opinion on my writing so if you read it please do me a favor and tell me what you think of it..

                              A little about me..

My face..


Well im a teenage girl.. I live in Columbus, Ohio but come from Cleveland, Ohio. i love hot topic and thrift stores.<3 I am a complete animal and nature lover. I hate hunters, and litter bugs. Writing is my life.. I plan on moving to Minnesota than Southern California, I will take the career of a Marine Biologist I feel as if us humans worry to much about how “cute” or “adorable” animals that are on land and don’t think about the ocean and all of its inhabitants. The navy is constantly testing sonars killing tons and tons of inhabitants of the oceans, and it kills me to watch it happen and have so many people oblivious of it. I will try my hardest to help them and bring awareness and stop the navy. Also I’ll be writing on the side, and im always looking for ways to improve it. I have been through some really tough things in my life but I always keep a smile on my face. I don’t let it get to me. The artists MGK and MODSUN have had a huge impact on my life and showed me that no matter what happens in my life, who says what I will be great at what I love and im perfect how I am.. that everything what happens is caused by what you think about.. I can go on for hours about how they have changed my life but I will stop there. I view the world as a crayon box, Everyone is a crayon.. None are the same in many ways.

I hope you enjoy my writing and tell me what you think(:


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