Hello .. Well im Lexiee .. And i decided to do this because I LOVE to write, it’s the only way i feel i can express my self.. Its my escape from the world, from my past, and my problems. I only write about things that i have personally experienced or someone close to me have. I love it when people tell me their personal opinion on my writing so if you read it please do me a favor and tell me what you think of it..

                              A little about me..

My face..


Well im a teenage girl.. I live in Columbus, Ohio but come from Cleveland, Ohio. i love hot topic and thrift stores.<3 I am a complete animal and nature lover. I hate hunters, and litter bugs. Writing is my life.. I plan on moving to Minnesota than Southern California, I will take the career of a Marine Biologist I feel as if us humans worry to much about how “cute” or “adorable” animals that are on land and don’t think about the ocean and all of its inhabitants. The navy is constantly testing sonars killing tons and tons of inhabitants of the oceans, and it kills me to watch it happen and have so many people oblivious of it. I will try my hardest to help them and bring awareness and stop the navy. Also I’ll be writing on the side, and im always looking for ways to improve it. I have been through some really tough things in my life but I always keep a smile on my face. I don’t let it get to me. The artists MGK and MODSUN have had a huge impact on my life and showed me that no matter what happens in my life, who says what I will be great at what I love and im perfect how I am.. that everything what happens is caused by what you think about.. I can go on for hours about how they have changed my life but I will stop there. I view the world as a crayon box, Everyone is a crayon.. None are the same in many ways.

I hope you enjoy my writing and tell me what you think(:


Piercing blue eyes. -Lexiee B. (This was based on a dream I had that I can’t figure out, absolutely favorite piece of writing I have ever written)

Pitch black covers every crease, every corner.

A sudden blinding light occurs

Black hair lies covering his every feature.

Sharp long objects pierce the palms of his hands.

Pinning them above his head,

With every contact of the abnormally large hammer- more crimson passes down his arms into the green grass,

Hidden by the shadow of the piece of wood nailed horizontally near his feet,

Where now lies the piercing objects through his agonizing feet.

The green grass transforms into something horrid, and death fills the air.

As the flame fill the air releasing yells of pain

His crystal blue eyes make contact with my eyes.

Sweat trickles down his features as his eyes hold an empty hearted apology

“Forgive me, but forget me NOT

escape from his perfectly featured mouth, his voice filled with an unknown emotion

In the unknown abnormally deep noise escaped from his vocal chords.

He is lowered from mid air, into the flame filled hole into the ground.

The once green grass covers any proof that he existed.

The blinding light appears again at a shocking pupil widening price.

Blankets wrap around my now tense body,

brown locks of hair making moist contact with my forehead, as my eyes scan the room for a possible threat.

My palms reach my face as my knees to my chest silently repeating

“Forgive me, but forgive me NOT”

My brain shuffles trying to make sense of the unknown face, cross, nails, hammer, crimson liquid, and piercing blue eyes.

My mind blanks as the familiar comforting starts embrace me.. and take me into an infinite slumber.


Life Holding tree -Lexiee B.

She sits on the roots of the tree that holds her spi;

Her eyes hold no emotion,

fir she has misplaced her mind,

When she lost her heart.

Her long fingers reach for the place they have passed so many times.

A to familiar sensation fillers her eyes, and fall down her flushed cheeks onto the roots of this beautiful life holding tree.

The rough surface of every letter passes under her fingertips.

Her mind pulls back to the day they sat under this tree and declared their friendship for Eternity.

Her mind pulls forward two months, to the day she received the news that he would never return.

So she followed his request.

To spread him beneath this very tree.. so she could spend eternity with him.

Yet, that is not what she wanted.. or needs.

His warm embrace is what she craves.

His laugh is what she desires.

Reality hits her once again and she can no longer control what shes held.

What shes avoided to talk about.

She holds her knees tight,

as the night sky comes..

Allowing her to drift into a slumber filled with her best friend

and his warm touch. 

Disenegrating Flesh (One of my favorites) -Lexiee B.

I feel the Fire on my skin,

will this battle ever end?

When will I ever win?

Will my wounds ever mend?

My flesh is on fire

I feel it deep within

I will forever have this desire

to have it all end.

The flame grows stronger

my hope dies

The hell stays longer

I think i can hear the flies

My wounds will never mend,

for the battle has come to an end.

Where I’m From – Lexiee B. (For English class(:)

I am fron above

From the stars and the moon

I am from the night sky.

Dark yet bright.

Twinkling high above.

I am from the carnation

the field.

The colors so different

yet so alike.

I’m from the writers

and the underground artists,

from Becky and Lucy.

I’m from the compulsions

and the brown-eyed,

from the be quiet

and settle down.

I’m from the Cavaliers,

The Cleveland Souls.

I’m from Puerto Rico,

Mangos and Platanos.

From the Hammock hangers

the Society embarrassers

I am the rule breaker,

The untamed,

The unwanted

and the unknown

I Am the wild one.

I discovered that life as a parrot was not all fun and games when… -Lexiee B.

I discovered that life as a parrot was not all fun and games when..

The clock struck 12,

and my shoulder length stringy blonde hair shrunk,

my 5 foot figure began to reach the maple wood floor,

My arms began to reach my now plumaged sides,

My once button like nose, and perfectly figured lips

stretched into a sturdy slight pink and gray beak,

The once green eyes that captured the attention of the one’s speaking to me

grew apart now resting on either side of my light orange feathers

in a perfect distance from the two holes that rest beneath the orange plumage

that allow me to hear you.

I withdrew my light gray wings and felt the air pass through the white-tipped feathers on my now tail.

I leaped into the air feeling the things that everyone wants freedom.

I watch as the others pass by me

With so much grace as I struggle to keep my balance.

I mimic their beauty wondering..

why are so many gorgeous birds flying past me

as if they are afraid, avoiding an enemy.

They must be playing a game I thought to myself.

I soar through the clouds with such ease.

Not a bird in sight..

How odd.

I put the wonder aside and continue the joy ride.

A sudden piercing pain hits my slightly yellow belly.

I suddenly follow the rules of gravity as I call down through the once joyful clouds.

I land on the moist grass.

My eyes suddenly become heavy.

The once play ground of a sky not in sight.

As I feel the pain of being pulled upwards by my tail feathers…

Without another feel..

I discovered life as a parrot is no longer fun and games.

… Details below (yes theres a poem toooooo!)

So in my creative writing class our teacher will give us a line and we can write a story and or poem about it so whatever i put in bold and underline will be the line that was given to me to create a poem/short story about also i will put it in the title. Enjoy(;

Among the snakes Jim was the most Famous Love poet.

With a scaly touch he slithers his writing across the paper.

As the time ticks on he continues to allow his thoughts to become the pen

and be placed on the slight crinkled paper.

With the unusual pupil narrower then humans

allowing the smart to know Jim would inject the most fatal substance into their skin

causing them a slow dreadful death

He reads his work…

He processes all the words…

With her in mind…

He slithered to no where in particular

allowing thoughts in his mind

They confuse him

for he is the most famous love poet

only known because he murdered…her

he forced his venom into her fragile skin..

Paralyzing her…

Allowing her to have an agonizing death

He attempted to consume her

Wrapping his body around her

cutting all circulation…

why? they never ask why he writes about loving this woman

when he, himself murdered her.

She kept him… Fed him..

That is why.

Yet, he is a rattle snake.

and with holds the wild

Instincts take over

Accidents happen right?


Jim murdered her.

for he craved the wild,

and wanted out.

But he writes, only about the love it was..

To allow him to hill her

Now Jim is wild and craves the indoors

with the now..

deceased. her.

Callapse – Lexiee B. (Rough draft. needs edit)

Run, Run

I repeat to myself

I feel the moistness on my flushed cheeks grow stronger

It angers me

I run faster

Why I thought to myself

I don’t understand

Memories fill my brain

Keep running

I repeat myself

It will get better

My muscles give and I collapse

My exhausted body meets the hard ground

My mental state collapse,

I can no longer control it

I thought it was for the better

I thought it’d make me feel better

I thought it was for the better

Once again I collapse

I can no longer control my emotions

I scream until my throat cries in pain and releases no sound

I crawl towards a tree for comfort

I focus on my movements

Swift and slow






I embrace the tree

My warm face rests against the rough bark that protects it


I want to be you

Free from harm of your heart

Free from worry


I lay my head on the roots that rose from beneath the ground

Craving fresh air

I want to become you

Heart of steel

Free of worry

I collapse into a sleep full of heart break and moistened cheeks

Why can’t i be you


With a bark guarded heard

Unable to collapse..

∞ infinity ∞- Lexiee B.

Infinity that’s all I ask

not to embrace you close to my heart for eternity

yet to know in my heart that you are alive & well

Enjoying life.

Not a worry in your mind on whether I am fine

for me- I am safe.

in the arms of our Father.

Who will hold me tight

Who will fill my heart with life,

even though my lungs no longer withhold oxygen

my veins don’t pump

Yet my soul is more alive than ever

While you are walking below me

Believing that you are living

When you have barely started, my child

I held you once..

before I took my last breath..

but one day I will hold you everyday

and I will wait for that day

for I will hold a smile for eternity.

Father.. -Lexiee B.

She lies there awaiting for his return,

Her eyes scan the dark room..

A loud crash reaches her ear drums, causing her to jump back in shock

Only to make contact with the hard floor.

The bitter taste of blood reaches her taste buds.

A husky laugh echoes the room with signs of amusement.

“silly girl”

a voice says from a far.

She lies there too frightened to retreat to shelter.

“You are no daughter of mine!”

Effortlessly he grabs her fragile body,

tossing her into a nearby wall.

Blankness fills her eyes as her body goes limp releasing a final breath.

“Great way of keeping me entertained”

He says with the final connection of his foot to her rib cage.

Leaving her body to rot in the darkness of a room.